Answered by DJ Sunkisst

How long have you been a DJ?

Since 2014. I began my journey as a DJ in 2014, and I turned it into a business in 2017 when I filed for my official DBA (doing business as) in Bell County. You can actually view it here on the Bell County Website. Just click on "Search Active Assumed Names". 

What do you wear to events?

I always wear a formal, dark colored polo t-shirt (tucked in), with black pants and black shoes, unless something more formal is requested. For weddings I love to wear suits.

What is the typical booking process like?

After you submit your info on the the "Contact" page, I give you a quick phone call to learn more about what you're looking for at your next event & I answer any questions you may still have! I also put a hold on the date you requested my DJ services, to make sure nobody else books my services while you and I are finalizing things. Then, if you're ready to move forward, we set up a one on one meeting. These meetings are usually held in a coffee shop like Starbucks, or in some cases, I'll come straight to you! If we're too far apart for a physical meeting, we'll set up a virtual meeting on "Whereby" , an online meeting room that you don't need to sign in or sign up for. Super easy to join. During the meeting is where I learn about the music you'd like to hear, the timeline of the night, and anything else you need from me that night. After we go over that, we both sign the service contract, pay the reservation deposit, and your event is officially locked in! 

Why choose DJ Sunkisst over a cheaper DJ?

Because your event is just as important to me, as it is to you. Why would you jeopardize your event by booking a really cheap DJ? What would your guests think? Don't focus your efforts on finding the cheapest DJ, focus them on the one who will value your event just as much as you. 

Do you charge for setup and tear down?

Nope! Absolutely not. I only charge for the hours I play music. 

How early do you set up and how long does it take to tear down?

I set up an hour & a half before your event starts, and after the event is over, I take an hour to tear down. I always recommend making sure when you book your venue, you book enough hours to allow for everyone including yourself to set up and tear down before and after your event. Some venues are very strict about this, so make sure you communicate with the venue.

When is the best time to book?

Now! The earlier you book, the less you pay! Prices increase as your event draws closer. So don't wait. Book my DJ services today! You can contact me here to book my services. 

Is there a contract that needs to be signed?

Yes, and every DJ should have one. Personal advice; stay away from the ones who don't have one.

You can view my contract here. The contract is in place to legally protect both of us. 

Have you ever missed or been late to an event?

I have never been late or ever missed an event in the 7 years I have been providing my DJ services. 

Do you consume alcohol at events?

Absolutely not. I refuse to drink at any event. Drinking can impair my ability to

deliver a great DJ service. 

Do you offer discounts?

Not unless advertised. The prices for my DJ services are set to make booking a high quality DJ service more affordable.


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