5 Tips On Finding a Good DJ

1. Try Google

Finding the right DJ for your event can take some time. Especially with so many options out there for you to choose. To do some research, you can start by opening up Google and searching "djs in my area". Google will first display all the DJ's listed on Google Maps. From there you can read reviews, check out posts made by the DJ (some DJ's post deals so be on the lookout for those!), and you can even ask questions directly to the DJ! That's a feature unknown to many! If you see a DJ that you like, you can also directly save them using the "save" button, for the next time you search for DJ's on Google!

2. Make A List

While doing your research, grab a pen and paper, or even just open up your notes app on your phone, and create a list as you go. Write down things like each DJ's name, their website (so you can come back if you need to), their phone number, and if you found prices on a particular DJ, or they gave you a quote, write down their price.

3. Ask Friends

Friends seem to know best. They're always there for you, and they tend to share similarities to you. They may even like the same kinds of services you like. So why not ask a friend for help finding that perfect DJ? One of the craziest facts about my own DJ business is that a large majority of my clients come from friends telling friends. Friends really do know best!

4. Know Your Budget

Upon your research endeavors you may come across gold. A DJ with plenty of experience and skill, & someone you've heard quite a bit about, but he or she charges a bit more than you had hoped for. Don't feel discouraged and move on to the next DJ. Know that a good DJ can sometimes cost more than you were hoping, but the end result has the potential to come out beautiful.

5. Ask a Lot of Questions

When you get to the point of talking to a DJ for the first time, don't hesitate to ask any question that is on your mind! Inside insight; when clients asks a lot of questions, I love it. It shows me they really want the best, and that is what I am all about. Asking questions is vastly important in making sure you get the best and most value for your money.

Hopefully all those tips help guide you in the right direction and make finding the right DJ for your event even easier! Let me know what your favorite tip was in the comments! If you think I'd be the right DJ for you, don't hesitate to call!

- DJ Sunkisst