My Top 5 Favorite Venues in the Killeen Area

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1. Brick & Barrel

415 N Gray St, Killeen, TX 76541 - (254)-526-6617

I've done a lot of venues all around Killeen, but out of all of them Brick & Barrel is one that absolutely blew me away. Upon pulling up to the venue for the very first time, I felt like I was walking up to a beautiful bar on Austin's Sixth Street. The way the building sits among the other buildings surrounding it, and the alley on the side, it gave me vibes reminiscent of Sixth Street. I remember pulling into the alley on the left to unload all my equipment, and walking into the chapel part of the venue and I was immediately amazed. As soon as I walked in there the atmosphere seemed to change, I no longer felt like I was in Killeen.

Everything from the materials used to build this incredible venue, to the way the temperature felt in the room, just absolutely blew me away. As you explore the venue yourself for the first time, you'll notice small details that will make you smile and appreciate the venue even more.

Mililani Woods 1100 Old Nolanville Rd, Nolanville, TX 76559 - (254)-212-4008. event venue. killeen venue.

2. Mililani Woods

1100 Old Nolanville Rd, Nolanville, TX 76559 - (254)-212-4008

I absolutely love it here. Although it isn't necessarily in Killeen, a small drive past Harker Heights will bring you to this hidden beauty. I had the pleasure of doing a birthday here and I was blown away by the natural beauty of this place. From the landscape, to the indoor ceremony hall, it just gave off the warmest vibe. The owner was extremely sweet as well! If you're in search of a beautiful place to host your wedding, or any other event, I highly recommend Mililani Woods.

Central Texas Home Builders Association. wedding venue. event venue. venue in harker heights.

3. Central Texas Home Builders Association

445 E Central Texas Expy, Harker Heights, TX 76548 - (254)-699-6964

My third favorite venue, almost doesn't sound like a venue at all! In fact for many years I drove by this hidden gem and didn't realize what laid inside. The Central Texas Home Builders Association is an association that provides housing opportunities for everyone while striving to achieve professional success for all of their members who build communities, create jobs and strengthen the economy. But that isn't all they provide! Look closer and you'll learn that they have an absolutely gorgeous banquet hall. A banquet hall with a full service kitchen, bar, and a Parquet dance floor. My favorite feature of this stunning banquet hall, was the lighting used to accent the high ceiling. It was set to a beautiful red to match the theme of the event I was providing my services for.

The Living Room 1002 E Elms Rd #114, Killeen, TX. djsunkisst. dj in killeen. i need an event venue. places to have birthday parties

4. The Living Room

1002 E Elms Rd #114, Killeen, TX 76542 - (254) -226-4754

I've done more events here than I can count on my fingers! Such a heart-warming place. Every time I step in here I literally feel at home. There are so many wonderful things to be said about The Living Room. I could tell you about the wonderful owners, or the great events they host every month! Events such as Golden Mic, an open mic night that consists of some of the city's most talented poets, song-writers, and performers.

The Living Room is versatile and there are a number of different events you can do here. It makes for a great networking space, or with the right DJ it could be the best birthday party you've ever had. Absolutely would recommend checking them out as you search for a perfect venue for your next event.

Killeen Civic & Conference Center 3601 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX. killeen venue. wedding venue. event venue. venue near me

5. Killeen Civic & Conference Center

3601 South W S Young Drive, Killeen, TX 76542 - (254)-501-3888

The Killeen Civic & Conference Center has always been a timeless favorite of mine. With many different rooms, all that can be used for a thousand different things, I feel like it's the safest bet for someone who doesn't want to spend too much time hunting for a venue, or someone who isn't too sure about any of the other venues in the area. At some point in your life you've probably already been here, you know what the inside looks like, and it's somewhere you can trust. That's why I'd suggest it's one of those safe bets for those unsure of where to host their next event. On top of that, with a talented event decorator, he or she can transform a room to the most beautiful room you've ever seen.