My Origin Story

It all began the summer between seventh and eighth grade. I was with my Mother and Father enjoying a road trip to Dallas from Killeen. We decided while in Dallas, let's visit a mall. Out of all of our mall visits, we always seemed to gravitate towards one store, the Apple Store. As a kid, walking into the store and seeing the gadgets lit up on display, it always captured my attention. Specifically the iPhones on display. The stores always seemed to pair them with good headphones, such as a pair of Bose or Beats. I would always run to the nearest phone on display, put on the big, comfy headphones, open up a music app, and jam out while my parents did browsing of their own.

That one particular day, was not like any other day though. Not like any other visit to an Apple Store. As it was the day I discovered what I truly wanted to do in life. I made the discovery when I stumbled upon an app that I hadn't seen on display before. It was an app that allowed me to mix music like a DJ. Something that was a new concept to me at the time. Growing up I only knew of three things you could do with a song; play, pause, and skip to the next one. The app showed me endless possibilities of what I could do with just one song and I was in awe.

I remember being so awe struck, that when it was time to leave the mall with my Mother and Father, I almost couldn't. The entire way back home, there was only one thing I could talk about; and that was how that experience made me feel. It truly inspired me to become who I am today.

Fast forward to right before the end of eighth grade, when I was taking a career class and we were required to create a presentation on a career we wanted to pursue. I remember most people choosing pretty conventional occupations, but I stepped out of the box and chose to do mine on a career as a DJ.

The project required everyone to do research on their occupation of choice, put the information together on a poster, and present to the class in a week. For me, the research was the hardest part, as the career website we were all prescribed by our teacher, had little to no information on disc jockeys. The poster was required to have information on things like salary, and things of that nature. I scoured the internet in search of answers but could only find vague answers, with DJ-ing being such an out-there occupation. But! I managed to pull through and put together a great presentation, and it was that week of working on this project, that I truly set my heart on becoming a professional DJ.

Although I set my heart on being a DJ in eighth grade, it wasn't until the middle of my freshman year that I laid my hands on my very own piece of DJ equipment. I had saved up for months, and put money I saved up cutting grass in the summer, and money I received for Christmas, towards buying my first piece of equipment. The day I held it in my hands for the very first time was an incredible day.

djsunkisst kisd fun run 5k killeen dj
DJ Sunkisst at The KISD Fun Run in 2016. Photo by Richard Guzman.

From the day I got it, I began to practice and practice until I landed my first gig. Which was an interesting experience if I do say so myself. But...we all start somewhere. From there I continued to grow and grow, making small triumphant feats along the way. Working my way up to school events and getting to DJ in front of bigger and bigger crowds.

Along my journey I came across the greatest mentor anyone could ever ask for. Not only a mentor, but like a second father to me. He guided me through the years and if it wasn't for him, I would not be as far along as I am today.

My mentor is the one greatly responsible for pushing me to take my career to the next level; a professional level. After I survived and graduated high school, he encouraged me to take a vital step in professionalizing my career and making it a certified business in the county. He told me that next vital step is to file for a DBA in Bell County. A DBA is a legal document that registers you in the county as an official registered business. It stands for Doing Business As....and as of June 2017, I was legally doing business as.... DJ Sunkisst.

With a DBA now in my possession, it fueled me to drive even further, to new heights as a business in the Central Texas area. I started off doing the usual gigs from friends and people that already knew who I was, but quickly started gaining traction in the challenging local DJ market. I started to reach clients I had never met before, and as I provided my services for their events, I started building a positive reputation that is still growing to this day. My first reviews started pouring in from pleased clients and this further fueled my ambition for success.

As of recently, due to the tremendous growth of my business, I was able to leave my part time job. One that people would argue is one of the best paying part time jobs in the entire area. The decision wasn't an easy one, and it was a giant leap of faith being still only 19 years old. But I knew with the calls pouring in, and my time continuing to be stretched thin between the business and the job, I knew it was the right decision.

For the next three months I hustled like no other and accomplished amazing things. I smashed old stats and broke new records. I pushed my way through tough moments and came out on top. I taught myself new things I would of never had the time to learn back when I was split running the business and working part time. Things that I know going into this new year, have the potential to take this business to astronomical heights.

As for what's next...I want to continue giving the best possible service I can give to each and every one of you. As business grows, I plan on acquiring new equipment to increase the value I provide to you. Such as new lighting rigs, and better speakers for increased sound quality. I also want to give back to you all as much as I can with gifts and rewards, because I truly appreciate each and every one of you for giving me an opportunity to do what I love at such a young age.

DJ Sunkisst on a billboard in Killeen Texas
On Dec. 27th 2018, DJ Sunkisst became the first DJ in Killeen to create an advertisement on a digital billboard.

For the far future, my goal is to increase market share for this business in Central Texas, with creative advertising. Slowly but surely becoming the most well known DJ in the area. All while providing each and every client "the best, and nothing but the best".

I also have the goal of changing the mobile DJ industry, and pushing the the industry forward. Deep down I feel as though the industry could be even bigger, and more amazing things can be done. As of right now I see nobody else reaching for that, but I hope my actions of now inspire more DJ's to think outside the box and push their business even further.

Then there's the worrying thought of if there will be another generation of mobile DJ's in Central Texas. Right now, being just 2o years old, I am the youngest of all the mobile DJ's in the area. What worries me about that is the fact that I haven't seen any other mobile DJ's around my age. As of today, the current age demographics of mobile DJ industry in Central Texas currently ranges from about 30 to 60 years old. What happens when the elder cats retire? I certainly can't take all the market share. I'd be double booked every day. It'd become harder to book a DJ for your event because there would be a shortage.

To provide a solution, one day I'd like to focus on creating and leading the next generation of mobile DJ's in the area. Through classes taught by me and other local DJ's, to guest speaking at local schools in the area. I've seen the way kids light up around me when I do what I do as a DJ. I see a spark in their eyes. I know that I have the potential to inspire a lot of kids and show them a career path that provides many life changing moments. A career that kids could go into right after high school with no college, and make good money in. A career that through it, can teach kids business fundamentals and many other valuable life skills.

And with that, I shall conclude my origin story. I hope it enlightened you, and connected you and I even more. I hope it shed insight on where I came from and where I'm heading. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, and I encourage you to share with a friend. Maybe even share with someone you know who is aspiring to be a DJ!


- DJ Sunkisst