Why Customer Service Matters To Me

Providing outstanding customer service has been apart of my life for quite some time. It started as I was growing up mowing lawns in the summer. Being polite and always taking care of the people I cut for, and building strong relationships with them. It then amplified when I took on a checker position at H-E-B, the best grocery store in Texas, known for their exceptional customer service. I spent a year there and then transitioned into running this business full time. Right now I am taking everything I learned growing up and pouring right it back into the business.

As much as good customer service matters to me, I hope it matters just as much to you. As you search for that perfect DJ, take time to notice what kind of service each one is providing. Are they taking care of you? Making you feel welcome when you call or meet them for the first time? Responding to your requests in a timely manner? Those are key values of customer service that I like to uphold in my own business. Values that I hope reflect well on the mobile DJ industry as a whole. I want to raise customer service standards and expectations when it comes to booking us DJ's. You expect the best, and should get nothing but the best.

So next time on your search for a DJ, I really encourage you to demand more and expect more. You shouldn't have to wait three days to hear back from someone. Even if it's just a question about how much their services cost. Expect the best, because you very well deserve the best.